Security & Intelligence

"People come to Pro-Intell when it really matters. -Why? Because we solve problems. Even in the most complex situations and the most challenging environments. "

Pro-Intell has built a strong reputation of supporting clients in the most challenging and complex environments. With our specialists and our global network of trusted and highly experienced operators, sources and contacts, Pro-Intell provides effective solutions in security, intelligence, counter-terrorism and crisismanagement to clients worldwide.

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Intelligence & Information Gathering

We offer bespoke security and intelligence solutions, which assists companies and organisations in identifying, preventing, countering threats and risks to their business, activities,employees, and reputation. Advising and recommendations are developed and performed in close cooperation with the client and Pro-Intell staff.

Counter Terrorism Security Consultancy (CTSC)

The primary role of our consultants is to provide protective and counter terrorism security advice to support businesses and organisations. The advice available takes into account both conventional and un-conventionalterrorist tactics and techniques and our aim is to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats.


Our intelligence driven security solutions are designed to ensure the safety of people and businesses that may be exposed to risk due to their employment, status, wealth, association or the locations they are visiting. We provide the reassurance that enables clients to carry out their business with confidence 24/7.


The primary goal of our Surveillance Operations is to successfully detect and gather intelligence on hostile third party activities which pose a security threat, in aid of preventing an attack.


We support clients with developing crisismanagement plans and contingency planning. Our Crisis support teams are ready to assist companies and organisations in case of urgency. Our teams will assist you with a dedicated team to solve the crisis. Our crisismanagers are experienced in dealing with crises, through their backgrounds in the military and the private security sector. We are very proud that we are acting as quick response team for several large riskmanagement companies and insurance companies.


At Pro-Intell we stay current on world-wide trends and events. Our unique training courses prepares our students, both professionals and civilians, for an unfolding dynamic and trains them to be significant assets in extraordinary and difficult scenarios. We help them develop strategies based on the modern application of “combat proven ” skills.