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(Hostile Environment) Surveillance Operations

The primary goal of Hostile Environment Surveillance Operations (HESO) is to successfully detect and gather intelligence on hostile third party activities which pose a security threat, in aid of preventing an attack. There are four primary types of HESO’s: Protective surveillance (PS), surveillance detection (SD), counter surveillance (CS) and close target reconnaissance (CTR). Each of these involves the use of the fundamental principles of physical surveillance and plays a critical role to the support of the protection detail.

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Protective Surveillance Operations

Protective Surveillance operatives, when merged into Protection Details who are well versed in Counter Surveillance, offers the most comprehensive, turn key, security package available in the world today. Protective Surveillance operatives are released from traditional Security duties and are free to roam to wherever the threat is greatest.

Blending in with indigenous populations with no apparent connection to the Protection Team, Protective Surveillance operatives are able to expand that invisible ring of security away from the client, far beyond the capacity of the Protection Team who are focused on immediate, short range threats.

Based upon their "invisibility" to host populations, Protective Surveillance operatives are able to identify dangerous scenarios long before assailants are close enough to harm the client 

Protective Surveillance also offers selected clients with another bespoke option which is the covert protection of an individual without their realizing that an invisible net has been cast around them. Although extraordinarily difficult to mount and even harder to maintain on a sustained basis, the in house capability of Pro-Intell provides this capacity for select operations.

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Close Target Reconnaissance

Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) is the covert collection of detailed intelligence against a target location to assist in operation planning and success. Potential CTR targets include a variety of residential and commercial structures and CTR is designed to develop tactics, techniques and procedures that identify, assess and exploit each structure’s vulnerabilities. The skills here are different than the other HESO areas. CTR teams are versed in environmental and terrain analysis, tactical tracking operations, covert patrol methods, planning and risk assessment, facility vulnerability assessment, defeating active and passive security, external security threat / risk mitigation, covert entry, active and passive security sensor mitigation, human security vulnerability analysis, defeat and or exploitation. CTR is most often used in support of military, intelligence and hostage rescue operations.

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Counter Surveillance

Pro-Intell offers a suite of services in anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance to private individuals, corporate clients and organizations. As a leading company Pro-Intell is well placed to advise clients on strategies for the detection and avoidance or mitigation of these activities.

Surveillance targets face a withering array of possible tools and tactics – that include physical and technical assets – deployed to gather information. Physical surveillance consisting of a composite mix of static, foot and mobile surveillance is the most “visible” form of surveillance. Technical surveillance involving the deployment and use of technical devices presents an alternative set of detection and avoidance challenges of increasing complexity.

Our counter surveillance team provides a full, professional and effective service that puts the safety of our client as the top priority. When utilizing Pro-Intell you are guaranteed the services of experienced professionals.

Counter Surveillance Services for:

  • Individuals, groups or organizations throughout the world.
  • Security or executive protection teams during travel or at times of increased risk/threat. Security and close protection teams may not have the resources, skill-sets or capability to carry out effective and covert counter surveillance. During times of increased threat, high-risk or foreign travel it may be necessary to utilize Counter surveillance services to enhance and supplement security measures.
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Protective Surveillance Operations

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Surveillance Detection

Surveillance Detection is the abillity of covertly identifying an individual or group that is undertaking intelligence gathering actions for the purpose of carrying out a hostile action (criminal activity).

Surveillance Detection is one of the most effective forms of personal safety and security for individuals or groups at risk of kidnap or attack, Why? Because one of the key methods to preventing a kidnap or an attack is by identifying the threat early to enable oneself time to react, minimize risk or withdraw from the situation.

Our specialists have extensive experience in conducting surveillance detection operations to protect our clients and also to support other security providers with our knowledge and expertise. Pro-Intell is a leading company in surveillance/counter surveillance tactics.

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