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(Hostile Environment) Surveillance Operations

The primary goal of our Hostile Environment Surveillance Operations (HESO) is to successfully detect and gather intelligence on hostile third party activities which pose a security threat, in aid of preventing an attack.

Our Surveillance Operations include:

  • Protective Surveillance: Blending in with indigenous populations with no apparent connection to the Protection Team, Protective Surveillance operatives are able to expand that invisible ring of security away from the client, far beyond the capacity of the Protection Team who are focused on immediate, short range threats.
  • Surveillance Detection: The abillity of covertly identifying an individual or group that is undertaking intelligence gathering actions for the purpose of carrying out a hostile action (criminal activity).
  • Close Target Reconaissance: The covert collection of detailed intelligence against a target location to assist in operation planning and success. Potential targets include a variety of residential and commercial structures and CTR is designed to develop tactics, techniques and procedures that identify, assess and exploit each structure’s vulnerabilities.
  • Counter Surveillance: Our specialists have extensive experience in conducting counter surveillance operations to protect our clients and also to support other security providers with our knowledge and expertise.