Intelligence Services

We offer private security and intelligence solutions, which assists companies and organisations in identifying, preventing, countering threats and risks to their business, activities, employees, and reputation. Advising and recommendations are developed and performed in close cooperation with the client and Pro-Intell staff.

Our Intelligence Solutions include but are not limited to:

Tactical Intelligence & Field Intelligence

  • Preventive Security Investigations
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Analyses
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Human Intelligence (CHISH)
  • Penetration testing & Surveillance Operations
  • Counter Terrorism Security Consultancy
  • Counter Intelligence (corporate espionage)
  • other Intelligence services on request

Country Intelligence:

  • Intelligence Reports
  • Travel Risk Analyses
  • Securiity Reports (incl incident management)
  • Threat & Risk Analysis
  • 24/7 Assistance on Call

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