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Counter Terrorism Security Consultancy (CTSC)

The primary role of our consultants is to provide protective and counter terrorism security advice to support businesses and organizations. The advice available takes into account both conventional and un-conventional terrorist tactics and techniques and our aim is to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats. 

Our CTSC is available to assist organizations, business and Governments in the following cases: 

➢ There is an escalation in the National Terrorism Public Alert System

➢ When the building or facility has been classified by state or federal bodies as Critical Infrastructure. Critical Infrastructure is defined as “those physical facilities, supply chains, information technologies and communication networks which, if destroyed, degraded or rendered unavailable for an extended period, would significantly impact on the social or economic wellbeing of the nation, or affect a nations ability to conduct national defence and ensure national security”

➢ When intelligence suggests that the building or facility may be a possible target of a terrorist attack

➢ The importance of the facility or building in question has a change in status such as increased operational importance to the organisation

➢ The use of the building / facility has changed in some way which impacts the risk profile of the premises

➢ Organisations such as state or federal bodies that are located in or around the building or premises

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